One of the purposes of this platform for supranational criminology is to set up a research network in order to stimulate academic debate and cooperation. This can be achieved by creating a database of scholars whose knowledge is valuable to the interdisciplinary field of supranational criminology. The database will contain the following information on each scholar:

·        Name

·        Affiliation

·        Contact details (optional)

·        Research interest


Scholars who are interested can join the research network for supranational criminology by sending the required information to the following email address:



Index of Scholars in Alphabetical Order.


Agirre, Xabier


Analyst at the office of the prosecutor of the international criminal court,

The Hague, the Netherlands

R.I.: Methodologies for criminal investigation, international crimes in Africa, prosecutorial

discretion and modes of liability under international criminal law, ICC.


Alvanou, Maria


Lecturer of Criminology

Hellenic Police Officers Academy of Athens,

Postdoc in the Criminology Sector of the Sociology Department-Panteion

University of Athens, Greece 

R.I.: international terrorism, criminological perspectives on suicide terrorism, jihadism, aviation terrorism, torture, crimes against women.


Alvarez, Alex


Professor at the Department of Criminal Justice
Northern Arizona University (USA)

R.I.: Genocide


Anderson, Kjell


Irish Centre for Human Rights

National University of Ireland, Calway, Ireland

R.I.: criminology, genocide


Antonopoulos, Georgios A.


Lecturer in Criminology

School of Social Sciences & Law, University of Teesside (UK)

R.I: Ethnicity, crime & justice, illegal markets


Anzit Guerrero, Ramiro


Professor in Criminal Law and Penal Sciences

University del Salvador

University del Museo Social Argentino

Buenos Aires, Argentina

R.I.: International Terrorism


Aronowitz, Alexis A.

Assistant Professor
University College Utrecht

R.I.: domestic and international human trafficking and violent hate crimes in countries throughout the OSCE region.


Asquith, Linda


PhD candidate

University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

R.I.: victimisation experiences of genocide survivors.




Balint, Jennifer


Convenor, Socio-Legal Studies Program

Department of Criminology, Melbourne University (Australia)


Barak, Gregg


Prof. of Criminology & Criminal Justice

AAUP Grievance Officer

Eastern Michigan University

R.I.: State Crime


Bajpai, G.S.

Professor of Criminology and Law

National Law Institute University

Bhopal (MP)  India

R.I.: Criminology


Belli, Roberta

PhD Candidate/Research Assistant
Program of Doctoral Studies in Criminal Justice
The City University of New York (NY, USA)
R.I.: International Criminal Justice, International and Transnational
Crimes, Criminological and Criminal Justice Theories, Situational
Crime Prevention.


Bijleveld, Catrien

Professor of Criminology/senior researcher

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ NSCR (the Netherlands)

R.I.: Genocide, violent offending, research methodology


Bohlander, Michael

Professor in the Department of Law

Director Centre of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Durham University (United Kingdom)

R.I.: international criminal justice, comparative criminal law, rule of law, transitional justice, judiciary and legal profession


Boone, Miranda


Associate professor Criminal Law and Criminology

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

Utrecht University, the Netherlands

R.I.: International criminal tribunals (legitimacy and efficiency)


Borgers, Matthias

Professor of Criminal Law

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: terrorism, (international) criminal law


Borum, Randy

Professor at the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

University of South Florida, USA

R.I.: Terrorism & Violent Extremism; Irregular Warfare; Nonstate Armed Groups; Intelligence & Global Security

Boven, Theo van

Em. Professor of International Law

Department of international law

Maastricht University, the Netherlands

R.I.: Human rights and international law


Brannigan, Augustine

Professor of Sociology

University of Calgary

R.I.: International Humanitarian Law, Control Theory, Social Psychology and Sociology of Science


Breuker, Lennert


Researcher International Public Law,

Faculty of Law Leiden University (The Netherlands)

R.I.: State Criminal responsibility, State/system/collective criminality, criminology, sociology


Brouwer, Anne-Marie de

Associate Professor (international) criminal law

Department of Criminal Law

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

R.I.: International criminal law, sexual offences


Brown, Mark

Assistant Professor in Criminology

Department Political Science, Criminology and Sociology
University of Melbourne, Australia

R.I.: penalty, corrections and colonial penal history.


Bunt, Henk van de

Professor of Criminology

Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: Organizational Crime




Carmen, Alex del

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
The University of Texas at Arlington
R.I.:  International crimes, law enforcement assessment, crime prevention, racial profiling


Carver, Lucy

PhD candidate in International Criminal Justice

School of Law, University of Nottingham (UK)

R.I.: International Criminal Justice, Penal Theory, Criminology, Causes of International Crime, Crime Prevention, ICC.


Cassese, Antonio

Professor of International Law

Department of Studies on the State

University of Florence (Italy)

R.I.: International Criminal Law


Chambliss, William J.

Professor of Sociology

George Washington University (USA)

R.I.: state crime


Cleiren, Tineke


Professor of Criminal Law

Depart. Criminal law and criminology, Leiden University, the Netherlands

R.I.: (International) criminal law


Cunneen, Chris

Professor of Criminology

Newsouth Global Chair in Criminology, Faculty of Law

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

R.I.: indigenous people, hate crime, policing, restorative justice 


Cupido, Marjolein

PhD student

Department of Criminal law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam

R.I.: international criminal law, judicial interpretation and law-making, modes of liability, crimes against humanity.




Darke, Sacha


Senior lecturer and assistant professor in Criminology

Department Social and Political Studies

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

R.I.: Comparative criminology; crime prevention and prison regimes in England and Wales and Brazil; transnational policing in Europe.


Deitelhoff, Nicole

Research fellow at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

Research fellow at ZIT, University of Technology, Darmstadt


R.I.: democratization and domestic peace


Dorn, Nicholas


Research fellow School of social sciences, Cardiff University, Great Britain/ associate prof. Of

Criminology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: Criminology, terrorism and security policies


Dost, Maik


PhD-researcher at the GK Gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit, Phillipps-Universität

Marburg (Germany)

R.I.: Bystanders, organized crime, repressive crime, crime of the powerful and macro



Drumbl, Mark

Associate professor of Law and Ethan Allen Faculty Fellow

Washington & Lee University, School of Law

R.I.: Atrocity trails, punishment and transitional justice


Duyne, Petrus van

Professor of Criminology

University of Tilburg (the Netherlands)

R.I.: Organized Crime



Eijkman, Quirine

Independent Researcher

R.I.: Human Rights implementation, international criminal law, security, police and prison studies


Ewald, Uwe

Max Planck Institute Freiburg (Germany) / ICTY, The Hague (The Netherlands)

R.I.: transitional justice, sentencing



Michelle Farrell


Doctoral Candidate
Irish Centre for Human Rights

National University of Ireland, Galway

R.I.: Prohibition of torture, counter-terrorism, international human rights law, international criminal law


Fijnaut, Cyrille

Professor at the Faculty of Law

Tilburg University, the Netherlands

R.I.: Comparative criminal law, international criminal law, police and criminal justice, organised crime


Flinterman, Cees

Professor of human rights law

Director of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights

Utrecht University, the Netherlands


R.I.: Human Rights, women’s rights and human rights in Africa.


Foster, Don


Professor in psychology

Psychology department

University of Cape Town

Cape town, South Africa

R.I.: perpetrators of international crimes 


Friedrichs, David


Professor at the Department of sociology/criminal justice

University of Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA)

R.I.: crimes of states, global forms of white collar crime, crimes of international financial institutions


Fronza, Emanuela

Professor in international criminal law

Department of law

University of Trento, Italy

R.I.: supranational criminal law and comparative criminal law


Fujiwara, Hiroto

Office of the prosecutor

International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

The Hague, the Netherlands

R.I.: transitional justice, collective memory in post-conflict societies, international criminal investigation.




Gaeta, Paola

Professor of International Criminal Law

Geneva University, Switzerland

R.I.: International Criminal Law


Gazzini, Tarcisio

Assistant professor in international law

Department on international law

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: public international law, humanitarian law and United Nations law


Gemert, Frank van


Ass. Prof. in Criminology

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), The Netherlands


Glasius, Marlies

Lecturer in global politics

Government department

London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

R.I.: Civil society and victim engagement with the ICC


Godinho, Jorge A. F.


Assistant Professor

Faculty of Law, University in Macau, China

R.I.: international criminal law, transnational crime, legal assistance in criminal matters, money laundering and confiscation.


Gordon, Geoffrey

PhD-student at the department of international law

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: international law, law of war


Graaff, Bob de


Socrates-chair at the Institute of history

Utrecht University (the Netherlands)/ prof. of terrorism and countrer-terrorism, Hague Campus, Leiden University (the Netherlands)

R.I.: Terrorism and post-conflict nationbuilding


Green, Penny

Professor of Law and Criminology

University of London, King’s College (United Kingdom)

R.I.: State Crime


Greve, Vagn


Professor of criminal law

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

R.I.: criminology and criminal law


Groenhuijsen, Marc


Professor of Criminal Law

Department of Criminal Law, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

R.I.: Criminal law and victimology


Grosselfinger, Nancy


Permanent Representative to the UN (Vienna)

International League for Human Rights (NY)

New York, United States

R.I.: International courts, International criminal law, supranationalcriminology, failed states and transitioning states


Grünfeld, Fred          

Prof. of causes of gross human rights violations/associate prof. international relations

SIM, Utrecht University/ Dep. International Law, Maastricht University (the Netherlands)

R.I.: bystanders, genocide, indicators




Hagan, John


MacArthur Professor/senior research fellow ABF

Department of Sociology, North Western University, Evanston Ilinois (US)/American Bar Foundation Chicago, Illinois (US)


Hajjar, Lisa

Associate Professor
Law and Society Program
University of California, US
R.I.: Human rights, torture, war crimes,  universal jurisdiction.


Haveman, Roelof


Project ‘Strengthening law faculties Rwanda (UNR & ULK)’ Center for International Legal Cooperation, Kigali, Rwanda

R.I.: All aspects of transitional justice


Heckenberg, Diane   

PhD Candidate
of Sociology and Social Work

University of Tasmania, Australia

R.I.: Transnational environmental harm, international human rights, crimes of the powerful


Hert, Paul de


Professor in International and European Criminal Law

Free University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium

R.I.: Prosecution international crimes (esp. Belgium)


Herik, Larissa van den


Associate Professor in International Law

Department Public Law, University Leiden, the Netherlands                   

R.I.: International Criminal Law, United Nations and peace and security


Hinton, Alex

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Newark (US)

R.I.: sociocultural and psychological anthropology, genocide and political violence, South East Asia, esp. Cambodia


Holá, Barbora

PhD-Student in Criminal Law and Criminology

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: international criminal law, sentencing


Hoyle, Carolyn


Reader in Criminology

Centre for Criminology

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

R.I.: Victims of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity; Restorative Justice as a response to Genocide and Crimes against Humanity; Victims of Sex Trafficking.


Huggins, Martha K.


Charles and Leo Favrot Professor of Human Relations

Department of Sociology and Program in Latin American Studies

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, (US)              or


Huisman, Wim

Professor in Criminology

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology,

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)



Iadicola, Peter

Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Indiana University – Perdua University

R.I.: state crime and empire, violence, organisation and functioning of empires


Iverson. Jens


The Hague, the Netherlands

R.I.: international criminal justice




Jaishankar, K.


Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

Tamil Nadu (India)

R.I.: Communal violence and terrorism, theoretical criminology, victimology, policing and international criminology, crime mapping and geographic information systems (GIS)


Jessberger, Florian


Professor of International and Comparative Criminal Law
Faculty of Law, Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin, Germany

R.I.: international criminal law, comparative criminal law and criminal jurisdiction.

Jodoin, Sébastien

Legal research fellow

Centre for international sustainable development law

Montreal, Canada

R.I.: international criminal law, prevention of international crimes, genocide, transitional justice.


Jones, Nick

Assistant Professor & Police Studies Coordinator

Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina

R.I.: post-conflict justice, restorative justice, victims of post-conflict, international
law, genocide in Rwanda.



Kauzlarich, David


Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
R.I.: peace studies, state crime, victimology


Keijzer, Nico


Former prof. of international criminal law at Tilburg University and former judge of the Supreme

Court in the Netherlands

R.I.: international criminal law


Kirchhoff, Gerd Ferdinand


Professor of Victimology

Graduate School of Victimology

Tokiwa University, Japan

R.I.: Victimology


Klein, Josh

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice, Sacred Heart University
R.I.: power, ideas, and international state crime, particularly war


Krabbe, Maartje


Junior researcher

Depart. Criminal law and Criminology, Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

R.I.: transitional justice


Kramer, Ronald C.

Professor of Sociology, Director of Criminal Justice Program

Depart. of Sociology, Western Michigan University

R.I.: State crime


Krasmann Susanne



Institute for Criminological research, Department of social sciences

University of Hamburg (Germany)


Kutnjak Ivkovich, Sanja

Associate Professor

School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University



Laar, Tom van de               

Sollicitor – CMS Derks Star Busmann

R.I.: procedural mechanisms, prosecutorial discretion, perpetrators


Ladwig, Katrin

Associate Analyst International Criminal Court


Lenning, Emily

Visiting Assistant Professor

Depart. of Anthropology and Sociology, Kalamazoo College

R.I.: State Crime, Corporate Crime, Gender Issues in Criminology


Letschert, Rianne

General manager and senior researcher INTERVICT

International Victimology Institute Tilburg, the Netherlands


Levi, Ron

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto

R.I.: International criminal law, law and
internationalization, rationalities of government.


Luun, Bas ter

Lecturer in Criminology

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands




Macgregor, Sarah

Research Assistant

Strategic Coordinator Unit

Criminal justice Research Network, Australia


MacManus, Thomas

PhD Student
King's College London, UK
R.I.: International Criminal Law & State-Corporate Crime


McCulloch, Jude

Associate Professor in Criminology

Department of Criminology

Monash University, Australia


McGonigle, Brianne


PhD Candidate at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)

Faculty of Law, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

R.I.: victims rights and international criminal law


Meershoek, Guus

Ass. professor at the department of Management and Governance,

Twente University, The Netherlands

R.I.: modern policing and human rights, the persecution and deportation of the Dutch Jews during the Second World War, history of the police.


Michalowski, Raymond

Arizona Regents professor

Department of Criminal Justice

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaf, US


Migabo Kalere, Jean

Deputy Director, IPRA's Congo Peace Project

Center for  Peace Research and Strategic Studies, Institute of International  and European Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Leuven Institute of Criminology, Department of Criminal Law & Criminology.

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

R.I.: Transitional Justice, Criminal Justice and International Criminal Court, Peace Building and Human Rights.


Mihr, Anja

E.MA Programme Director

European inter-university Centre in Human Rights and Democratisation

Venice, Italy

R.I.: post-conflict justice and democratization


Minnaar, Anthony

Professor of Criminal Justice Studies (Act. HoD)

Department of Security Risk Management, School of Criminal justice

College of Law, University of South Africa

R.I.: security measures at ports-of-entry; border controls, undocumented migrants, SAPCCO & crossborder policing; firearms controls and corruption prevention


Moerland, Roland


Ph.D. Candidate and Junior Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminology

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology, Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

R.I.: organizational criminology, state(-corporate) crime, causes of gross human rights violations


Momirov, Aleksandar


Department of public international law

Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: International public law, international governance of territories, international criminal law, ICTY & ICJ proceedings


Morrison, Wayne


Director of the External Programme for Laws of the University of London and

member of the Law School of Queen Mary College, University of London.


Mullins, Christopher

Assistant professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

University of Missouri St. Louis 

R.I.: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and state crime.



Nelken, David


Distinguished professor of Sociology

University of Macerata, Italy

Distinguished Research professor of Law

University of Cardiff, Wales

R.I.: comparative criminology and comparative criminal justice


Nijhar, Preet


Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Centre for Comparative Criminology & Criminal Justice
University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom
R.I.: International and Comparative Criminal law and justice, crimes of
empire, globalisation and transnational crimes.



Olusanya, Olaoluwa


Lecturer, Department of Law

University of Wales, Aberystwyth

R.I.: International criminal law, comparative criminal law, international sentencing, criminology


Oomen, Barbara

Associate professor of Law

Social Sciences Department

Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Osiel, Mark


Director, International Humanitarian/Criminal Law

T.M.C. Asser Instituut, The Hague

Professor of Law, Aliber Family Chair

University of Iowa

R.I.: Legal responses to mass atrocity


Oskamp, Anja

Professor in Legal Technology and Law

Department of Legal Technology and Law

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: legal technology, ICC Case Matrix


Ovens, Michelle


Associate Professor in Criminology

Department in Criminology, University of South Africa

Sub-editor of Acta Criminological (South African Journal of Criminology)

R.I.: crimes against women and children and substance abuse as an international problem.




Parmentier, Stephan


Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology Research Group on

Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Faculty of Law, K.U.Leuven

R.I.: transitional justice


Paulussen, Christophe

PhD Student in international criminal law

Dep. of European and international public law, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

R.I.: international criminal tribunals (esp. arrest and surrender proceedings)





Raimondo, Fabián O.


Assistant Professor of Public International Law

Erasmus School of Law

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

R.I.: International Public Law, International Criminal Courts and Tribunals



Reenen, Piet van


Professor of international law, Faculty of Law

Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)

University of Utrecht, the Netherlands /

R.I.: Police and human rights


Rieter, Eva


Lecturer international law

Dep. International law at the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

RI: death penalty, perpetrators in democracy. Democratically decided human rights violations


Roberts, Paul


Prof. of criminal jurisprudence

School of Law, University of Nottingham (UK)


Rodman, Kenneth A.   

Professor Political Science

Department of Government, Colby College, US.

R.I.: Relationship between international criminal justice and conflict resolution.


Rothe, Dawn


Assistant professor of Criminology

Old Dominion University, United States

R.I.: State crime, transnational crimes (IMF, WB); and international controls (ICC, international criminal law, and human rights)


Ross, Jeffrey


Associate professor of criminology

Division of criminology, criminal justice and social policy

University of Baltimore, United States

R.I.: political crime, state crime, policing, corrections


Rosser, Emily

PhD Candidate in Women's Studies,

York University, Toronto, Canada
RI: gender, truth commissions and peace activism; genocide law, sexual violence
and trauma frameworks; Latin America.


Rozemond, Klaas

Associate professor criminal law

Depart. criminal and criminology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: individual criminal responsibility, substantive (international) criminal law, ethics and (international) criminal law




Sa'ad, Abdul -Mumin

Professor of Sociology (criminology) and
Dean, Faculty of Social Social Sciences
University of Maiduguri
Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.  

R.I.: Criminology and Criminal Justice in the Third World


Sadat, Leila Nadya

Henry H. Oberschelp Professor of Law
Director, Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute
Washington University School of Law, US

R.I.: international criminal law and human rights


Safferling, Christoph J.M.


Professor for International Criminal Law

Director of the International Research and Documentation Center War Crimes Trials (ICWC) University of Marburg, Germany 

R.I.: international criminal procedure and victims issues.


Sarkin, Jeremy

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law

Harvard University

UN Special Rapporteur/ member of the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or  Involuntary Disappearances

R.I.: human rights, transitional justice

Schense, Jennifer

Associate situation analyst, office of the prosecutor, ICC

The Hague, the Netherlands

R.I.: international criminal law, complementarity, conflict prevention, criminology


Schmid, Alex

Professor of International Relations

Director of the Centre for Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV)

University St. Andrews, Scotland

R.I.: Gross human rights violations, political violence, terrorism.


Scholte, Ruben

Investigator, Ministry of Justice

The Hague, the Netherlands

R.I.: perpetrators, psychology of violence, psychology of conflict, (organized) crime and armed conflict.


Schulte, Theo

Senior Lecturer
Humanities & Social Sciences
Anglia Ruskin University
, UK

R.I.: Perceptions of War Crimes, and the intersection of Law and History

Sebba, Leslie


Lawrence D. Biele professor of law

Institute of Criminology, Hewbre University of Jerusalem (Israel)

R.I.: relation between international victimology and domestic victimology and relationship between punitive remedies and restitutive-restorative remedies.


Siegel, Dina


Assistant professor in Criminology

Depart. Criminal Law and Criminology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the Netherlands

R.I.: organized crime, trade in diamonds in conflict areas


Singelnstein, Tobias


Research associate, Department of Law

Free University Berlin (Germany)

R.I.: criminology, police and international criminal law


Sliedregt, Elies van

Professor in international criminal law

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

R.I.: international criminal and humanitarian law, individual criminal responsibility, terrorism


Smedt, Michel de

Acting Head of Investigation Division
International Criminal Court
R.I.: Investigative strategies and methods; crime prevention


Smeulers, Alette

Director of the Amsterdam Centre on International Crimes and Security (ACIC)

Department Criminal Law and Criminology,

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

RI: Perpetrators, causes of gross human rights violations, international criminal law


Spijkers, Otto


PhD-researcher, Public international law section, Department of Public law, Leiden University

(the Netherlands)

R.I.: United Nations and the evolution of global values and international criminal law.               


Stahn, Carsten

Reader in Public International Law and International Criminal Justice

Swansea University, England

Visiting Fellow, Grotius Centre International Legal Studies, The Hague

R.I.: International Criminal Law, ICC, Transitional Justice


Stanley, Lizzy


Senior lecturer, institute of criminology

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

R.I.: truth commissions, international tribunals, human rights, social justice.


Stuifbergen, Jantien

Lecturer in Criminology

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: Child soldiers


Sungi, Simeon

PhD-candidate at the Department of Criminal Justice

Indiana University Bloomington

Bloomgton, IN 47405, United States

R.I.: International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and Criminological theory on international crimes.


Sumner, Maggie


Head of Department of Social and Political Studies

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

R.I.: criminology; illegal markets


Swaaningen, Rene van


Professor of international and comparative criminology

Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: Criminological and criminal justice theory, power relations and social control, criminal justice policy, comparative criminology, penology and crime prevention.






Tait, David

Associate professor

Law School

University of Canbarra, Australia


Tanner, Samuel


Ph.D. Candidate, International Center for Comparative Criminology

University of Montreal, Canada

R.I.: mass violence perpetrators in the context of the war in former Yugoslavia.


Thys, Pierre


Professor of Criminology

Violence analysis unit – school of criminology

University of Liege, Belgium

R.I.: war crimes, crimes against humanity, perpetrators, extreme violence, less lethal weapons

and police use of force.


Toit, Fanie du 


Assistant Professor

Executive director institute for justice and reconciliation

Cape Town, South Africa

R.I.: Justice and reconciliation


Tsouramanis, Christos

Professor in Criminology

Technological Educational Institute of Messalonghi, Greece

R.I.: human rights violations, social problems and digital crimes.






Valiñas, Marta


Researcher Assistant

Leuven Institute of Criminology

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

R.I.: Transitional justice, International Criminal Law, Restorative Justice, Human Rights, Former Yugoslavia.


Vazsonyi, Alexander

Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
Auburn University
R.I.: genocide and social/cultural, individual
and other proximal influences (early in life) that lead to genocide.


Vanspauwen, Kris

Researcher Law and Society Institute

Law Faculty, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium

R.I.: post-conflict justice and truth seeking, restorative justice and GHRV, criminology of state crime, South Africa and great lakes region.


Vasiliev, Sergey


Ph.D. Candidate in international criminal law

Depart. of criminal law, University of Amsterdam (UvA) (the Netherlands)

R.I.: international criminal procedure, immunities and international crimes, alternatives to international criminal justice and international humanitarian law.


Veen, Hans van der


Lecturer on transnational crime and policing

Department of International Relations

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands     

R.I.: Law enforcement and human rights violations; crime and conflict studies; political violence (of both state and non-state nature).


Verwimp, Philip

Post-doctoral researcher of the Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders

University of Antwerp, Belgium

R.I.: micro-economics of conflicts and development


Viaene Lieselotte               

PhD researcher at the Human Rights Center

Faculty of Law, Ghent University, Belgium

R.I.: human rights, indigenous people, transitional justice, legal anthropology, cultural diversity, Guatemala.


Vlaming, Frederiek de


Research fellow/lecturer

Amsterdam Center for International Law/Depart. Criminal Law

University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

R.I.: causes of international crimes, international criminal law and ICTY




Vanspauwen, Kris

Researcher Law and Society Institute

Law Faculty, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)

R.I.: Post-conflict justice and truth seeking, restorative justice and GHRV, criminology of state crime, South Africa and great lakes region.


Vriezen, Vera

PhD Candidate, depart. European and International Public Law

Tilburg University, the Netherlands

R.I.: amnesty laws, transitional justice, international criminal law                                                           



Wagner, Wolfgang

Senior Lecturer Political Science

Dep. Political Science, VU University Amsterdam

R.I.: International Relations; Peace and Conflict Studies Studies; European Union Internal Security Cooperation.


Ward, Tony

Reader at the Law School

University of Hull (United Kingdom)

R.I.: State crime: crimes by governments and their officials


Waller, James

Professor in Psychology

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

R.I.: Holocaust and genocide studies, perpetrators and racism


Wardak, Ali


Reader in Criminology, centre for Criminology,

HLaSS, University of Glamorgan (United Kingdom)

R.I.: Transnational and comparative criminology, terrorism, causes of international crimes, criminological theory.                                          


Weber, Leanne


Senior lecturer

School of social sciences and international studies

University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

R.I.: migration control, border deaths, transnational and domestic policing, global governance.


Weiss Wendt, Anton

Assistant Professor in Modern European History

Researcher at the Norwegian Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and
Religious Minorities.

R.I.: comparative genocide, war crimes trials,
Soviet and East-European history.


Weitekamp, Elmar


Prof. of Criminology

Institute of Criminology, University of Tübingen (Germany)

R.I.: victimology and restorative justice.


Welch, Michael    


Professor of Criminal Justice

School of Arts and Sciences

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (USA)


Wemmers, Jo-Anne

Professor of Victimology

Université de Montréal, Canada

R.I.: Victimology, Restorative Justice


Werner, Wouter

Professor of international law

Department of international and comparative law

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: international law, terrorism, international peace and security


White, Rob

Professor  in Sociology
School of Sociology & Social Work
University of Tasmania, Australia

Interests:  transnational environmental harm, state crime, transnational
corporate wrongdoing


Whyte, Dave

Lecturer in Criminology

University of Stirling, Scotland

R.I.: transitional regulation, corporate crime, state crime, transitional crime, international criminal law, white collar crime


Wijk, Joris van

Assistant professor

Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Wijngaard, Oscar van den



University College Maastricht, the Netherlands

R.I.: terrorism


Wildfang, Anne

Researcher at the Max-Planck- Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law

Freiburg, Germany

R.I.: terrorism, group violence, macrocriminality


Wilt, Harmen van der


Professor in international criminal law

University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands

R.I.: International criminal law


Wit, Tessa de


PhD researcher international criminal law and Intervict

Faculty of Law, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

R.I.: victims, right to reparation and ICC


Wonders, Nancy 

Professor and Chair Department of Criminal justice

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona (United States)

R.I.: globalization, (im)migration, changing character transnational crime, law and justice  under globalization


Woolford, Andrew

Associate professor in Sociology

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg (Canada)


Wyngaert, Christine van den

Professor in International Criminal Law and Judge at the ICTY

University Antwerpen (Belgium) /ICTY, the Hague (the Netherlands)

R.I.: International Criminal Law







Zaitch, Damián


Assistant Professor in Criminology

Department of Criminology

Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

R.I.: Transnational Corporate and Organised Crime, International Drug Trafficking, Food Crime, Qualitative Research Methods, Visual Criminology, Crime and Justice in Latin America.


Zappalà, Salvatore

Professor in International Law

University Florenze (Italy)

R.I.: International (Criminal) Law